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Embargo – Craft Beer Bar in Phnom Penh

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Phnom Penh has a new craft beer spot called Embargo. They undoubtedly have one of the largest craft beer selections in Cambodia. Whereas certain places have a few taps of craft beer and other bars have a few bottles, Embargo… Continue Reading →

Notorious Bong – New Craft Beer from Kampot

A new craft beer brewery has just sprung out of Kampot. We have earlier seen local breweries there like Flowers Nanobrewery and Projekt Brews, but now there´s a new kid on the block. Their brand was launched just a few… Continue Reading →

Second Kampot Craft Beer Festival at Monkey Republic

It´s about 1 year ago since we did an interview with Slava that was the organizer of the Craft Beer festival in Kampot 2021. Now the time has come again for a new festival that will be held at Monkey… Continue Reading →

Pasteur Street Cyclo Stout now at Embargo – Interview with Mischa Smith

Embargo Craft Beer Bar just got in a limited amount of the beer Cyclo Stout from Pasteur Street Brewing in Vietnam. It is one of the highest rated beers from Southeast Asia on Untappd. It’s probably the first time this… Continue Reading →

Cambodian Craft Beer Update – August 2021

It has not been an easy year for the Cambodian craft beer scene. There has been an alcohol ban, lockdowns, curfews, and pretty much everything possible that has made it difficult for venues and breweries to conduct their business. Everyone… Continue Reading →

Kampucheers – Craft Ale in Cambodia Review

Chum reap sour IPA. Just because I’m not a Khmer hipster commuting to my tech start-up job on a Penny-farthing fashioned out of bamboo doesn’t mean I can’t proffer a pompous opinion on craft ale in the Kingdom of Wonder…. Continue Reading →

Thunderslap IPA – The Fascinating Story

If you have ever drunk craft beer in either Vietnam or Cambodia there is a high chance that you have stumbled upon a beer called the Thunderslap IPA. This is the flagship beer of Fuzzy Logic Brewing, a brewery that… Continue Reading →

Kampot Craft Beer Festival – Interview with Slava

It’s the 30th of January 2020 and the Kampot Craft Beer Festival at Monkey Republic is taking place today. This event was supposed to be held already in December but because of a small Covid scare it got postponed. Unfortunately,… Continue Reading →

The Yearly Blunder – Double NEIPA – Riel Brewing x Fuzzy Logic

The weekend 5th to 7th of June I had the chance to go to Siem Reap and watch the guys from Fuzzy Logic and Riel Brewing brew some beer. This beer, called The Yearly Blunder, had already been planned for… Continue Reading →

Elite Craft Beer Releases New Lineup of Craft Beers

Elite Craft Beer is back with a new lineup of beers. Elite Craft Beer is run buy Cambodian Jason who lived for many years in Australia but returned back to Cambodia a few years ago to pursue his dreams here…. Continue Reading →

Two Rivers Ale – First New Cambodian Craft Beer Brewery of 2020

The world has definitely been upside down the whole beginning of 2020. For the craft beer industry this hasn’t necessarily been a terrible thing (albeit not good either) as people work less and have more time to sip a bunch… Continue Reading →

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