List of Craft Beer Bars in Cambodia

An Angkor Bottle - See the irony

It’s not always easy to find good local craft beers when you are travelling. The purpose of this list is to gather all the Craft Beer Bars in Cambodia on the same page.

As the Cambodian Craft Beer scene is still pretty much in its infancy, but growing rapidly, prepare to see plenty of updates to the list. The bars with the * also brew their own beer. I have been trying to include only bars that have a regular offering of Cambodian Craft Beers, not bars that occasionally offer craft beers, but rather bars who are actually loving their beers.

Phnom Penh Bars and Breweries

As the largest city in Cambodia Phnom Penh is, without a doubt, where most craft beer bars and craft brewers in Cambodia are located.


Alchemy GastroPub

Botanico Wine & Beer Garden* (Cerevisia Craft Brewery)

Craft Beer Garden by Cerevisia Brewery*

Franken Brew

Hangar 44

Hops Brewery & Craft Beer Garden*

Long After Dark

LF Social Club



The Box Office


Riel Brewing & Distilling*

Seabird’s Place

Kingdom Breweries*

The Exchange

5 Drunk Men

Siem Reap Bars and Breweries

Although Phnom Penh is obviously the best choice when it comes to finding Craft Beers in Cambodia. Siem Reap comes in as a good second.

Siem Reap Brewpub*

The Local – Brew Pub*

Moringa Bar

Kampot Bars and Breweries

Finding Cambodian Craft Beer in Kampot is a bit of a hit and miss. When I was there the last time, the offering was very unreliable, but you could find a few beers at these bars/guesthouses:

Kampot Kenny’s

Jetzt Kampot

Flowers Nanobrewery*

Sihanoukville Bars and Breweries

Five Men Fresh Beer*

Battambang Bars and Breweries


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