Embargo – Craft Beer Bar in Phnom Penh

Embargo Logo

Phnom Penh has a new craft beer spot called Embargo. They have one of the undoubtedly largest craft beer selections in Cambodia. Whereas certain places have a few taps of craft beer and other bars have a few bottles, Embargo has a good selection of both. At the moment they have 8 taps and over 20 different bottles available.


Where is Embargo

Embargo is located in the cool little alley with popular venues Battbong, Sakana Lab, Katanashi and Patio Hotel, off street 51, close to Domino’s. We recently heard someone calling the alley for The Independence Quarter which is a neat little name. Embargo is tucked deep into the back of the alley so you will have to venture a bit, but it’s still not a long walk and the map at the end of this article will help you.


Beer selection at Embargo Craft Beer Bar

Taps at Embargo include Cambodian craft beers from Riel Brewing, Cerevisia Craft Brewery, and Himawari Microbrewery. Bottles are from Brewlander, Fuzzy Logic, Pasteur Street, Flowers Nanobrewery, Heart of Darkness, among others.

As of the date this article was written the taplist looked like this:

  1. Riel Brewing & Distilling – Citra Pale Ale
  2. Riel Brewing & Distilling – Coffee Stout
  3. Riel Brewing & Distilling – Belgian Wit
  4. Riel Brewing & Distilling – India Pale Ale
  5. Himawari Microbrewery – Apsara Gold
  6. Cerevisia Craft Brewery – Amber Ale

The taps are rotating so this list will vary.

Map of Independence Quarter leading to Embargo

Open: 5 pm to midnight, every day except for Mondays.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/embargophnompenh/
Address: 036 Street 51 BKK1 | Sakana Lab, Phnom Penh 12302, Cambodia

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