Craft Beer Brewers in Cambodia

In comparison to neighbouring countries Vietnam and Thailand, there are not that many Craft Beer Brewers in Cambodia. There are a few older ones like Cerevisia Craft Brewery, Himawari Microbrewery, and Riel Brewing, but also some really new once that just have started to brew, like Projekt Brews and Notorious Bong. Here’s a complete list of all the craft beer brewers currently active in Cambodia. You can find most of these beers at Embargo Craft Beer Bar & The Box Office

List of craft beer brewers in Cambodia

Riel Brewing & Distilling
Cerevisia Craft Brewhouse
Himawari Microbrewery
Elite Craft Beer
Projekt Brews
The Local Siem Reap
Flowers Nanobrewery
Two Rivers Ale
Kingdom Breweries
Projekt Brews
Notorious Bong
Freak Brothers Brewing
Fuzzy Logic Cambodia
Notorious Bong
Tuol Kork Brewing