Hop Hog Tasting at Embargo

The good people from Hop Hog in Thailand has gotten Embargo some of their beers for a tasting.

At this event, you will get to hear parts of the history of the very interesting Thai Craft Beer scene and the struggles they´ve been facing over the past few years. It´s a very promising market, but because of draconic brewing laws, they have a hard time growing the way they could. Hop Hog has been around for many years and their main focus has always been brewing IPA:s.

This Bangkok-based brewery is a staple of the Thai craft beer scene. They have persevered through the struggles and they are still making some of the best craft beer in Bangkok if not all of Thailand.

We´ll now take a look at some of the beers that will be available at the tasting. For the ones left out, join the beer tasting!

Citra Sabro

This craft beer is on the somewhat sweeter side of New England IPA. Zesty Citra hops are combined with tropical Sabro for a cocktail-style infusion. Amarillo is typically considered a bold West Coast style hop, which it does add nicely to that equation, but in this single hop East Coast brew we showcase another side of Amarillo by not adding any to the boil and instead hopping only moderately during the whirlpool and then heavily in the dry hop. The result is a rather extreme decrease in its famous bittering characteristic and replaced with a relatively sweeter, more citrusy flavor that compliments the hazy body.

Hop Hog – Laughing Hog

Laughing Hog Label

The Laughing Hog takes a multi faceted approach of combining the fruit-forward Centennial and Citrus hops with the also fruity but spicier El Dorado hops for a tropical experience with just a hint of a peppery finish similar to a Planter’s Punch.

Cherry Vanilla Sour

This beer is one of our most recent fruited kettle sours. This one is fruited with wild cherry puree during fermentation and then lightly sweetened with vanilla before bottling.

Cali Hog

The Cali Hog is their take on a classic West Coast American IPA with a slightly sweet caramelly malt profile. Chinook and Columbus are dropped early on for a dose of bitterness and resiny pine, followed by Cascade and Centennial later in the boil for a mixture of fruity and herbal notes. This one is double dry hopped with Cetennial and cryo Citra for an overall balanced experience. Handsome Hog is also one of our newer creations. It’s much like the Citra Sabro combo, but with some Amarillo added for a bigger bite and a higher ABV for a bigger session.

Hop Hog – Mo Mo AIPA

Hop Hog Mo Mo AIPA

is one of our lighter, easier drinking American IPAs, good for daytime drinking in Southeast Asia. The lighter body is dosed with fewer hops but still enough for a full-flavored refreshment. Motueka gives notes of lemon while Mosaic gives some notes of passion and typical stone fruits.

When is the beer tasting?

The beer tasting will take place the 13th of September at Embargo. It´s the 3rd beer tasting being held there and we´ve previously talked about their Notorious Bong beer tasting.

RSVP and you can contact Embargo through the event page. Tickets are limited and costs $15, which includes samples of 7 different Hop Hog Beers.

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