Notorious Bong Craft Beer Tasting at Embargo

We recently talked about Notorious Bong, the new craft beer brewery in Kampot, and did an interview with one of the co-founders, Theo. This brewery from Kampot has impressed us with the beers we´ve had from them despite them only opening their brewery in December 2021. Now you will get your chance to try 7 of their different beers at Embargo in Phnom Penh.

There´s a craft beer tasting event held at Embargo on the 18th of June. You will be getting samples of Notorious Bong beers while the bar will treat the attendants with cold cuts and some snacks from the kitchen.

You can RSVP through the Embargo Facebook Page or the event page and remember that the seats are limited. It costs $15 to attend. The plan is to be hosting more similar events in the future, possibly monthly.

Descriptions of the Notorious Bong beers that will be served at the tasting even will follow.

Liquid Sword (Pale Ale)

Notorious Bong Liquid Sword

ABV: 5.1 %
IBU: 42
Ratio IBU/IG: 0.85
Hops: Chinook / El Dorado / Simcoe

A mix between boiling/late/dry hop additions with Chinook (Pine/Resin dominant), Simcoe (Fruity/Earthy dominant) and El Dorado (Fruity/Tropical dominant) to give an easy-drinking Pale Ale with a balanced but solid bitterness.

Audr’ale (Blonde Ale)

ABV: 4.9 %
IBU: 21
Ratio IBU/IG: 0.46
Hops: Citra / Ekuanot

A cross between an American and a Belgian blonde ale (Belgian malts in the grain bill) with some sweet orange peels addition topped by American hops (Citra and Ekuanot) to enhance the sweet, citrus and orange flavors. This one was the first of their beers brewed by a woman.

Amber Ale

ABV: 5,9 %
IBU: 35
Ratio IBU/IG: 0.62
Hops: Magnum / Cascade / Centennial

All hail to Johnny! Malts forwarded recipe with a huge % of caramel malts on a Vienna base. And some American hops to balance the sweetness with an enjoyable bitterness. First Notorious Bong try on an Amber Ale (Planning to brew more of this one depending on the feedback). This one was also brewed by our female brewing assistant (Who will not stay as an assistant for a long time at this tempo).

Stay Trippy (NEIPA)

Notorious Bong Stay Trippy NEIPA

ABV: 6,3 %
Ratio IBU/IG: 0.81
Hops: Simcoe, Hallerteau Blanc, Sabro, Citra

Notes: This NEIPA was brewed using the unusual Short and Shoddy method (30 min Mash, 30 min Boil). We focused on late hop additions and a massive double dry hop with a mix of tropical forward hops. For the creamy and thick body, we added 25% of oats and some lactose.

Blend’s Odysee (American Stout)

Notorious Bong Blend's Odyssey

ABV: 7,4 %
IBU: 25
Ratio IBU/IG: 0.36
Hops: Chinook

A fair mix between Vienna, chocolate, coffee and rye malts topped by flaked oats to contribute to a thick body.

Drop it like it’s Oat (IPA)

ABV: 7.2 %
IBU: 45
Ratio IBU/IG: 0.66
Hops: Sabro, El Dorado, Cascade

Notes: This one was inspired by one of our all/time favorite beer – Oats on Oats on Oats by Siren. We love to focus on hop-stand/flameout additions and massive dry hop for our IPA’s. The use of our personal favorite Sabro hop alongside El Dorado and Cascade gives this beer tropical, fruity aromas and flavors. We also had a massive 40% oat malt and flakes in this one for a soft and creamy body. This is our personal favorite so far.

Jimmy Two Times (DIPA)

Jimmy Two Times Double IPA

ABV: 7,5 %
IBU: 38
Ratio IBU/IG: 0.48
Hops: Sabro, Citra, Ekuanot

A fair mix between base and caramel malts helped with a good amount of flaked adjuncts to create an easy-drinking yet boozy beer. We chose not to add any sugar to boost up the ABV (many DIPA´s have some) and get our sugars only from cereals. Only late and dry hop additions on this one with Sabro (mega tropical), Citra and Ekuanot (for the tangerine and fruity flavors).

Check our blog for more information about craft beer in Phnom Penh.

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