This is an old article that I’m saving for old times sake. You can find the updated version of Open Mic Nights in Phnom Penh 2019 by clicking here.

Of course, it depends on your preferences and your definition of fun, but Open Mic Nights are arguably a much better form of entertainment than the, often times, dreaded karaoke. Having frequented many open mic nights around the world, I have also found certain artists that are still with me until today. A few of them would be the very talented Shane Palko, Jeff Baker, and Matthew Fischer, all from the US.

Whether you’re a musician, or you just love music, open mic nights are also a perfect way to meet other people interested in music, especially if you’re new in town. I’ve done some research and wrote you this list of venues and bars in Phnom Penh that host weekly open mic nights.

Good Times Bar

reggae night open mic with randy phnom penh nightlife

Good Times Bar is one of the few bars in Phnom Penh that hosts open mic nights several times a week. Not only do they host open mic nights, but also regular jams and shows from many of the talents playing out of Phnom Penh. The big thing at this place is the Indie Rock and Reggae Jams on Tuesdays, hosted by Randy, where anyone with some musical skills can join Randy on the stage for a jam.

Address: 19th Street.

The Box Office

Box office open mic Phnom Penh nightlife

Mondays are a hard nut to crack if you don’t care which day of the week you drink your beers. One great option would be to join the open mic nights at The Box Office, who hosts an open mic night every Monday, hopefully forever. The open mic at The Box Office runs from 19:30 and is hosted by Scott Bywater. This bar also serves great craft beers and made it to our list of the Best Craft Beer Bars in Phnom Penh.

Address: 244th Street, close to the Wat Botum Park and ARTillery Café.

LF Social

LF Social Open Mic Phnom Penh Nightlife

The newest kid in town. With their soft opening being as recently as in the beginning of September 2018, LF Social hit the music scene in Cambodia with a bang and directly started hosting open mic nights on Wednesdays, in their cool little music-oriented bar. LF Social also has a full drum kit, which of course is fantastic if you want to play with a full band. This bar has not been around for very long, but they’re a great addition to Phnom Penh’s nightlife, and we really hope they will continue to rock. I still haven’t had the time to check them out, but supposedly they’re also serving Cambodian craft beers.

Apart from these regular open mics in Phnom Penh, there are also a few other venues that host open mics from time to time. For example, Cloud has been seen hosting spoken word & HipHop takeover open mics and Java Creative Café has hosted comedy open mics.

Unfortunately, these places are all I know of for now. If you know any more places, don’t hesitate to share them with me.