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Open Mic Nights in Phnom Penh

At Embargo our big love is Craft Beer, live music, and great company. One thing that combines all these, are open mic nights. Open mic nights in Phnom Penh are great ways to spot the local talent, or even play… Continue Reading →

Best Craft Beers in Cambodia – August 2018

A few years ago Phnom Penh and Cambodia had almost nothing to offer when it came to craft beers. This is, however, slowly changing and today there are a few interesting options to be had in Cambodia, especially the craft… Continue Reading →

Best Places for Live Music in Phnom Penh – August 2018

Does Phnom Penh have enough of cool places to hang out at, or is it just a messy and crowded city with nothing else to offer than girly bars and Angkor beer? Luckily it seems like the city nowadays has… Continue Reading →

Best Craft Beer Bars in Phnom Penh

Today we’re looking a bit into how the craft beer situation in Phnom Penh is really like. Although a lot of us like a night out at a typical beer garden or Khmer pub, sometimes you want to have great… Continue Reading →

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