Chug Lab – Craft Beer and Heavy Metal

Chug Lab is a craft beer bar in Phnom Penh that caters to heavy metal fans. The bar serves craft beers brewed by the owner. They only have 3 taps but they rotate them regularly and most of the time they really have some head-banging beers.

Of course, the music is always loud and heavy at Chug Lab. If you’re looking for a place to headbang and drink some good beer, this is the bar for you.

Chug Lab actually started as a small speakeasy a year or so before COVID hit. It wasn’t open to the public and it was basically just a few friends drinking delicious craft beer and listening to metal. After the pandemic, he started opening the bar to everybody and now you can visit most Fridays and Saturdays when he is open. If there’s a metal gig in town the bar will most likely be closed as the owner will surely be attending it.

A small and intimate bar that caters to craft beer fans as well as fans of heavy metal.

Chug Lab is also one of the stops at the Phnom Penh craft beer pub crawl that is held monthly.

Location: St.376 House # 25A, Phnom Penh, Cambodia