Thai Brewer Stone Head enters the Cambodian Craft Beer Market

For those who haven’t previously heard about Stone Head Brewing, you might be surprised to hear that this craft beer brewer has been brewing in Cambodia already for years, since 2016 to our knowledge.

Stone Head was one of the first legal Thai Craft Brewers, being forced to produce outside of Thailand because of the draconian brewing laws in Thailand. Thus, Stone Head has spent the past few years in Koh Kong, on the Thai border, brewing craft beers for the Thai market.

Stone Head Craft Beer in Phnom Penh

Now Stone Head has finally started distributing their craft beer to the Cambodian market as well. They are going in strong with their craft beers in Phnom Penh and several places are already stocking them.

They were first to be seen at an event with The Exchange but can now be found at bars like Embargo and The Box Office, but also Boston Pizza & Bar and newly opened Burgershack Phnom Penh.

The Stone Head range actually includes more than 10 different beers but at the moment they’re only offering 4 of their craft beers in Cambodia. At the moment you can find the following Stone Head craft beers in Phnom Penh:

Smiling Evil Pale Ale

Stone Head Smiling Evil Craft Beer Phnom Penh

Smiling Evil is a quite typical American pale ale that is actually using a New Zealand hop called Motueka. The Smiling Evil has a floral and juicy citrus taste with an ABV of 6.0%.

Hazelnut Chocolate Stout

Hazelnut Chocolate Stout from Stone Head

The Hazelnut Chocolate Stout from Stone Head is a medium bodied stout that’s very heavy on the chocolate. If you like chocolate then this will be a great beer for you. Some small hazelnut flavour shines through as well. ABV is 5.9%

Gancore IPA

Gancore IPA Stone Head Phnom Penh Craft Beer

The Gancore IPA has a very light body but is quite heavy on the hops. It’s brewed with Chinook Hops and is very easy to drink. Citrus and some caramel, ABV of 5.5%.

Tuk Tuk Cream Ale

A Cream Ale is one of the ale styles that are the most similar to a lager. The Tuk Tuk Cream ale is a mixture of both these styles. Heavy on the wheat and a really nice light beer.

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